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APRIL - Well, mystery it was, as eight "candidates" (some with assistants) representing four political parties met and chatted with Brentwood U3A members in the style of electoral campaigning and debate. The characterisation of the various parties was exaggerated leading to some very funny moments. The UKIP candidate moved among the members clutching a glass of beer and a cigarette, while the Conservative candidate parodied a well-off and confident businessman. Keeping control of the candidates, at times not easy as they verbally attacked each other, was the host and our guide for the evening Jo Fosker, I started this report by saying it was a mystery - from the start of the evening for some time, members were not sure what was expected of them, but gradually we were made aware of some of the seedier sides of the prospective candidates and their assistants, which ultimately led to the dastardly deed. During an interval members enjoyed a fish/chicken and chips supper, and the whole evening was deemed a success with praise for the "players" who worked hard and were convincing in their roles. Grateful thanks are due to Maria for arranging the evening. (Report and photos: Brian Leith)


"Vote for you? You're having a laugh aren't you."

Beer and cigarette in hand the UKIP candidate makes his appeal

"Shake on it then" - Libdem candidate claims a convert

"Can I count on your vote?" "Yes of course." "Is your nose growing?"

"You are my favourite" - "No, you're MY favourite"

"Do you know what's going on?" - "No, do you?"

"The choices are obvious - simply toss a coin"

"Vote for me" . . . "No, vote for me" . . . "No, vote for me" . . .

"We're all in this together - us ladies must stick together"

"Believe me, I know what I'm talking about"

"I said I'd vote for the other lady, but now you're my favourite"

"I tweet  you know" - "Well we all have at some time or other"

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